The advantages of a central vacuum system: increasing well-being and living comfort

A central vacuum system is an innovative and efficient alternative for household cleaning. Let's take a look at how a central vacuum system works, what the advantages are and how it contributes to increased well-being and living comfort

What it is and how it works of a central vacuum system

What it is and how it works of a central vacuum system

A central vacuum system is an innovative solution for cleaning your home. It is one of the fastest and most efficient cleaning systems on the market, guaranteeing immediate cleanliness and well-being. The operation of a central vacuum system is very simple. First, you need to make a pipe network from the different rooms in the house to a central vacuum system, usually located on the balcony or in the basement. It will then be sufficient to connect the hose to the vacuum inlets in each room and start the mechanism. The investment can be significant at first, as work needs to be done to install it. However, the health and comfort benefits, as well as the cost savings in the long run, make the choice of a central vacuum system certainly a good option.

In many cases the central vacuum system is installed when building or renovating the house, as the pipes are run under the floor. However, there are also models that can be fitted into the wall, allowing the purchase to be made at a later date.

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The advantages of a central vacuum system

The advantages of a central vacuum system

Central vacuum systems have many advantages. Let's see which ones.

  • More effective cleaning: it only takes a few minutes to neutralise dust and mites, resulting in a deep and lasting clean.
  • Lighter and more manageable cleaning system: the central vacuum hose is all that is needed to thoroughly clean the house, which is much more manageable and less bulky than a classic vacuum cleaner. In addition, you only need a long enough hose to clean several rooms without having to move from one outlet to another.
  • Ability to clean hard-to-reach areas: thanks to the handy hose and increased suction power, you can clean and vacuum even hard-to-reach areas, such as corners or spaces under the bed or above the wardrobe. In addition , you can clean even the most delicate areas and materials, such as marble or parquet. The vacuum hoses are equipped with special brushes and accessories for each situation or material.
  • Ally for allergy sufferers: with a central vacuum system , there is no risk of dust being raised during cleaning and distributed around the room. The high suction power eliminates dust, mites and bacteria, which is a great advantage for allergy sufferers.
  • No noise: One of the features of this vacuum system is that it allows you to thoroughly clean the house without any noise, as the central system is positioned outside the house.
  • Low maintenance: this system is very easy to use and requires very little maintenance: simply empty the central dust container every 3-4 months and change the filter every 7-10 years.


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