Poor indoor air quality? Cold and home heating are to blame

An issue that increases in the winter months

An issue that increases in the winter months

With the arrival of the coldest months of the year, the need for a warmer home environment means that the heating is turned on and there is less air circulation, mainly caused by closing the windows.

However, the actions taken to achieve a warmer environment have as a direct consequence a deterioration in indoor air quality. All too often, however, this problem is underestimated and appropriate measures are not taken to reduce it.

Clean well with Sistem Air

Clean well with Sistem Air

Regular and thorough household cleaning is the first necessary step to take to ensure a healthy living environment even in the winter months. This is mainly due to the lower air circulation, typical of this season, and the consequent increase in the level of dust and micro-dust within the home.

It is therefore important to ensure that the same attention paid to choosing the best possible heating system for our home, is also paid to choosing the most suitable tools to guarantee a truly healthy and clean environment.

The Sistem Air central vacuum system is the ideal solution to quickly and thoroughly expel all the micro-dust deposited on the surfaces of our homes.

The powerful and silent Sistem Air vacuum system allows you to clean your home leaving an indoor environment that is not only warm but also clean.

If you have yet to start your autumn cleaning, find here everything you need to know.

Advice you might not expect

Advice you might not expect

Apart from regular cleaning, there are a number of measures that, if followed consistently, can bring proven benefits to indoor air quality.

The first suggestion comes directly from the founder of Biosafe, Arch. Leopoldo Busa (who you can listen to in the webinar "Misurare la qualità dell'aria indoor" ("Measuring indoor air quality") produced by Sistem Air, editor's note), who states that it is essential to keep the room thermostat at a temperature that never exceeds 20°. This is because an increase in temperature corresponds to an increase in the volatility of harmful chemical compounds found in an inhabited environment.

For the architect, it is always advisable to wear an extra sock or a heavier jumper than to raise the temperature of the home heating.

Another suggestion is to open the windows for a few moments during the day, perhaps in the cooler hours, or when you have just finished cooking or taking a shower to keep humidity under control.

Finally, not smoking in the home and changing the filters of air conditioners at the beginning of each season, washing them with soap and water, are two suggestions that, together with the others, can guarantee you a healthy and safe home environment.

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