Jolly wall vacuum cleaner: the review of "The man of the house"

DIY YouTube channel praises Sistem Air's product

DIY YouTube channel praises Sistem Air's product

The YouTube channel "Man of the House" reviewed the wall-mounted vacuum cleaner with a 1000 Watt motor power: Jolly by Sistem Air.

The youtuber appreciated several aspects during the practical tests of the hoover shown in the dedicated video.

First of all, he was impressed by the vacuum cleaner's suction power. Which allows him to keep the drill nozzle fixed to the wall during the product test (watch the video to believe it!). This enhances the ability to use the drill with both hands free.

Note of merit also for the accessories, Made in Italy, which allow the Jolly to be safely fixed to the wall and which are proof of the quality of Sistem Air products.

Finally, the man of the house appreciated the Jolly's 9-metre long hose, which reaches everywhere, and the possibility of inserting it in his home without it being too intrusive.

To find out more about the Jolly wall-mounted vacuum cleaner, watch the video on YouTube or visit the Jolly blog.

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