ITS Sustainable Company 4.0 students meet Sistem Air

A day of discovery of the central vacuum system

A day of discovery of the central vacuum system

The students, enrolled in the ITS Sustainable Digital Factory 4.0 Specialist course promoted by Fondazione Green, visited Sistem Air, accompanied by surveyor and teacher Marco Caserio, for a day dedicated to discovering the central vacuum system.

This initiative is part of the aim to show the students how the principles that guide the course they are enrolled in, such as sustainable construction, energy efficiency and smart building, are applied in practice.

A visit to the production departments, where the central vacuum units are manufactured, was followed by a moment of in-depth study in the company's innovative showroom. Here the students were able to see and touch the entire ecosystem that makes up the Sistem Air brand: from accessories and spare parts to central vacuum units for civil and industrial applications.

The day then ended with a pleasant light lunch, which was an opportunity for the students and their companion to share their first impressions of the morning just gone.

A message from the guys

A message from the guys

The first to take the floor was Pietro Nicola Rossi who admitted: "No I didn't know about central vacuum system before I came here and I was very impressed. Above all, I was impressed by the power of the central vacuum units and its ability to expel dust and dirt to the outside, making the rooms really clean. Not to mention the importance that a system like this can have in the health sector."

Pietro Nicola Rossi
Kevin Cosmai

For Kevin Cosmai, on the other hand, it was surprising to discover the different fields of application for the central vacuum system: "I was very impressed by the possibility that the central vacuum system can be used for the automatic transport of biomass. For those who have a boiler or a pellet fireplace, it really is a system that saves time and effort! It was a nice surprise".

Finally, Andrey Carada appreciated the opportunity to visit a company like Sistem Air and to discover the versatility of its products: "Before I came here I was used to thinking a little old-fashioned, but here I discovered products and design systems that are really cutting edge. It's amazing how central vacuum systems can be a great solution for both industry and small flats! I'm happy to have chosen this ITS course because it gives us a glimpse into the world of work by visiting cutting-edge companies like Sistem Air".

Andrey Carada

The comment of lecturer Marco Caserio

The comment of lecturer Marco Caserio

Lecturer Marco Caserio

The teacher and geometer Marco Caserio spoke about the foundation of which he is a member and about Sistem Air: "Fondazione Green is a reality of which I have been a member for many years and which allows these young people to train in a stimulating and avant-garde way. Sistem Air is a company that I have known for a long time and that makes central vacuum systems an effective but simple product at the same time. I think this is the right mix that has allowed the young people to become interested in the various aspects we are discussing today".

"Central vacuum system has and will have an increasingly decisive role in the years to come, especially in Italy and Europe. Where we are finally starting to talk seriously about sustainable building."

Finally, Caserio also spoke about the "Orizzonte giovani" conference, of which he was a guest: "It was a very good experience with surveyors under 30, which allowed us to discuss what the role of the surveyor of the future must be, called upon to come out of his enclosure to interpret his profession in an innovative manner..

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