Designing for healthcare at the time of Covid. Sistem Air meets engineer Tiziano Binini

Focus of the webinar air quality and elimination of micro-dusts

Focus of the webinar air quality and elimination of micro-dusts

Sistem Air hosted the webinar, moderated by journalist Riccardo Fiorina, "Designing for healthcare at the time of Covid: air quality and cleanliness" with Eng. Tiziano Binini of Binini Partners. The remote meeting, organised in collaboration with art director Matteo Binini, was held in front of a virtual audience of over 500 designers.

At the centre of the debate was the watershed role of the pandemic for healthcare designers. One of the objectives of the webinar is to provide the point of view and new architectural solutions proposed by one of the leading firms in the field of integrated design led by Tiziano Binini.

Tiziano Binini is the founder and managing director of Binini Partners, one of the most respected figures in the field of healthcare design and has recently led the construction of projects such as: The New Gemelli Cuore, The New Hospital of Andria, The Gemelli Private Hospital and the IRCCS Galeazzi in Milan. Just to name a few.

On canale ufficiale YouTube di Sistem Air you can review the webinar and get Tiziano Binini's point of view on the new architectural solutions proposed for the post-Covid era.

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