Electric broom: a mirror for the larks

A tool that doesn't hold a candle to a vacuum cleaner

A tool that doesn't hold a candle to a vacuum cleaner

The electric broom is a tool which, because it is so easy to handle, has been and is still being popular, especially among flat dwellers. But not all that glitters is gold, and although it is better than a dustpan and broom for cleaning, it cannot be compared to a vacuum cleaner.

While its small size makes it easy to handle, corded and cordless models have flaws that make it uncomfortable to use. Corded models slow down cleaning because the cord itself gets in the way and because you have to plug into different sockets to cover the whole house. Cordless models, on the other hand, have long battery recharging times that become more frequent as time goes by.

The electric broom, to be a handy tool, has a necessarily small motor and, therefore, a low vacuum power. Not to mention that the motor's vent is built into the broom itself, resulting in the release of dust and micro-dust into the home and the inability to thoroughly clean surfaces.

Sistem Cube, the world's smallest central vacuum unit

Sistem Cube, the world's smallest central vacuum unit

For those who live in a flat and don't want to give up having a really clean and healthy environment, Sistem Air has developed the smallest central vacuum unit in the world. It offers performance that cannot be compared with ordinary vacuum cleaners or electric brooms.

Compact and powerful, the Sistem Cube central vacuum unit can be installed in all situations where space is at a premium. Thanks to its small size, the central vacuum unit can be placed inside kitchen cabinets, cupboards, behind curtains or in any situation where a cube with a side of about 30cm can be placed in the available space.

The space can also be without ventilation as Sistem Cube adopts a direct-cooling motor, without any air inlet for cooling, for which the air from the vacuum inlets is used.

Finally, the vacuum unit is supplied with the installation template, which is the connection support for Sistem Cube to the system. The template is designed to make installation immediate and simple, thanks to the possibility of rotating the inlet and outlet ports through 360°.


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